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Real Estate Market rises in prices

The lockdown in the country has impacted the real estate industry to a vast strength.

But what exactly happened over this year that changed the course of the market?

Just before the lockdown, there was a lot of construction in Dublin to build more apartments but due to the lockdown, the construction has been shut down.

How did that impact the prices of your property?

With no new houses build and with people moving back to their homes because of the lockdown has been a trend in the country. With no new houses and owners moving back to their houses has reduced the availability of homes for people looking to buy.

There are always buyers in the market but the difference this time is the huge gap between the supply and demand of property in the market.

With people saving up over the last year and a half. The purchasing power in the market has risen and so has the number of buyers. An increase in the number of buyers and not sellers lead to an increase in the price of the real estate industry.

The Irish property market has seen a rise of approx. 13% over Ireland and about 8% in Dublin.

This increase in the price and the market demand surplus had presented with an opportunity to cash on the price inflation in the property market.

If you were thinking of selling your property this would be a very nice opportunity to sell your property now.