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Why Horan Estates?

In the era of technology, you have easy access to websites like myhome and daft to advertise your property for sale and scan through the property they want to buy.

When it is so easy why do you need Horan Estates?

The reason for having an agent is not to make it much easier and hassle-free but we come with over 10 years of experience in property management and understanding the real estate market and understanding the market helps the agents to advise when to hold and make a sale.

Selling a house can seem like a part-time job but it can also require you to show your property at odd hours which is time-consuming. We have a solution for that we have professional photographers, detailed floor plans, and also a viewing coordinator who will coordinate all the open and private viewing.

Valuation of property, on the other hand, is also very important which becomes difficult due to emotional attachment to the place and you may undervalue or overvalue the property, again we are here to your rescue. We would value your property without any bias and negotiate on professional terms to fetch you the best price for the property.

And coming to the solicitors’ requirements and paperwork will be followed up after the sale to ensure the sale is settled ASAP.

Buying or selling a house is surely something you can do yourself but with the experience, we can make the process easier and more professional for the client.