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Why is a professional valuation required?

Are you deciding to sell your property and wondering how much worth is your property?

It is very important to advertise the sale of your property at the correct face value and there is a simple reason for that is to get the right price for your property.

If the AVM of the property is lower which would simply mean that you would not get the correct value of your property and if the AVM is higher for the property might be in the market for a longer time and would go down in value.

So now that we have established that it is very important for a correct valuation to sell your property timely with the correct value.

But how should you make sure that your property is being valued at the right value?

You should go with a professional agent with a professional certification to value the property correctly.

You should choose an agent who knows the local area and has sold houses in that area before.

You should also make sure that it is not just a local agent to a particular area because they can only see the trend in the neighborhood and not in the market.

You should choose someone who has sold the properties with a correct expectation from the beginning to make sure your house is not in the market for the long term.

If you do your research when finding a valuer for your house you would have taken the first right step towards selling your property.